Palladium Questions and Answers

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Palladium Questions and Answers

This is your one stop shop for all questions and answers!

What is Rifts?

Rifts ExplanationMany new fans want to know more about Rifts®, Palladium Books®'s most popular game line. This overview will give everyone, new and experienced, a better understanding of the world that has captured over 1.5 million imaginations.

What is a Role Playing Game?

RPG ExplanationRole Playing games have captured the imaginations of millions ever since their introduction. Palladium Books was one of the first to introduce revolutionary concepts for the industry in both their games and their business practices. If you're new to Role Playing Games or are someone who wants to know more about them, you should read this explanation.

Game and Rule Questions

Game Rule Questions and AnswersA Over the years, we've recieved many questions about our games and rules. On the pages in this section, we've answered many of those questions. Take the time to look through them all and have all your game and rule questions answered.

Got Questions?

Got Questions?If you're having trouble with the website or online store, need to update your Rifter subscription, need to contact the webmaster, or have just about any other questions, please submit a ticket in the Palladium Help Desk.

The Palladium Help Desk

Palladium Books HelpdeskHave you encountered a problem with the website? An Order? the Forums?

You can even leave a helptul suggestion leave us a note on the Palladium Help Desk.

Convention FAQ

Convention FAQ PageWant to know more about our convention schedules and practices?

This brief article witll explain it all.

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